Garden Gatherings: Outdoor Styling Tips

Garden Gatherings: Outdoor Styling Tips

Garden Gatherings: Outdoor Styling Tips

The internet has seen an influx of searches of garden furniture and styling ideas as the UK nears closer to long-awaited garden get-togethers. With summer right around the corner, Fine & Country Property Staging has the perfect styling tips to liven up your outdoor space. 

On the 22 February 2021, Boris Johnson announced the roadmap for lifting lockdown restrictions in England, whilst restrictions in Scotland and Wales were eased earlier in the year, setting the UK in a flurry to begin their patio preparations and seeing the topic of “garden furniture” reaching its peak popularity since December, on Sunday 28 February, after an unexpectedly sunny, spring-like weekend. 

Seeking inspiration, UK residents have taken their searches online for garden styling ideas. There has been a breakout in the search for the BBC TV series, ‘Your Garden Made Perfect’, a show where designers transform ordinary gardens to private paradisal spaces. At the beginning of March, on Pinterest, there was a huge spike in searches for “patio ideas” and “garden furniture ideas”. On YouTube, the search for “garden ideas” also reached its peak popularity in March and there was a peak in searches for “garden design ideas uk” and “garden pub”, as well as a 400 per cent increase in the search for “modern garden ideas”. 

In the past 90 days, searches for garden sofa sets have risen by 1,050 per cent, followed by garden dining sets by 650 per cent, searches for egg chairs have also risen by 650 per cent, rattan furniture by 400 per cent, and garden and swing seats by 200 per cent. The “Most Wished For in Garden & Outdoors” items on Amazon can also give you an insight into what the public have planned for their gardens this summer. At number one, a two-seater sofa sun-lounger captures the most interest, followed by various outdoor dining furniture sets and even a timber garden “party hut”. In the past 24 hours alone, sales for all kinds of garden and outdoor products have been rising by over 1,000 per cent on some items.  

Find the perfect layout for garden furniture

When the sun is out there is nothing better than taking in the rays. When planning your seating and outdoor living space, make sure to consider where the sun hits so you can make the most of it.  

Define your dining and lounging ‘zones’ with furniture, an outdoor rug, clever lighting, colours and textures or statement pieces. For a smaller, multifunctional space, folding furniture can be moved and stored more easily or create a cosy corner nook with a dining table and bench seating. 

There is a fantastic selection of seating options available on the market depending on your preference, and high street stores now offer stylish, affordable options. Antique fairs and flea markets are fantastic for finding unique furniture pieces, too. From the ever-popular rattan furniture sets to a classic wooden alfresco dining table or an elegant, ivory, French bistro set, you can make a space completely your own. Outdoor corner sets are great for families who need a lot of space and can be livened up with bright cushions and throws. Parasols are also a brilliant way to inject a pop of colour without going overboard. 

Add accessories

Large throws, cushions and rugs can be used to accessorise your garden furniture whilst adding indoor comforts and an extra dimension to wooden, metal, glass or rattan furniture. Introduce a blanket basket for guests to help themselves to as the evening draws in and for decoration purposes while they are not in use. Glass vases, sculptures and other textiles can then bring themes and colours together. 


Create interesting sections in your garden for different purposes, such as an entertaining area, a relaxation space, and a place for the children to play in the sunshine. As previously mentioned, zoning different spaces with a clever furniture layout can define areas in your outdoor living space. 

Bamboo screens and trellises are an affordable option which also add texture and blend well with other garden features. 

Creating a firepit zone is a great addition, adding drama and a focal point for outdoor entertainment. An open fire is especially inviting in the colder months or cool evenings, and adding sheepskins, blankets and cushions can emulate a luxury ski chalet. 

Tall plants and ornamental grasses surrounding an outdoor rug and a bistro set can work well to create an intimate space and a secret hideaway from the children. 

Adding colour and texture with plants

Nobody enjoys a dull garden. It is easy to brighten up a space with seasonal bedding plants, which can be found in local garden centres and you can choose a colour theme to suit your taste.  

Strategically placing pots near doors and windowsills will add a homely touch and make your garden feel inviting. Brightly coloured hanging baskets are a great option to help to distract the eye from unattractive finishes or damage to walls.  

For terrace areas and urban gardens, potted plants can add life and vibrancy, and allow you to have changeable displays throughout the year. Depending on your desired style, you can achieve a more modern look by having similar plants in similar pots around the space or go for the more cottage-style garden with varying plants and pots clustered together. 

A vertical garden or living wall is sure to make a statement. Bring an external wall to life with shrubs, succulents and vines. A vertical garden is the ideal feature for patios and balconies lacking space, adding privacy and creating a focal point next to your outdoor dining area. For a low-maintenance solution, artificial living wall tiles are a simple alternative.


Bringing both motion and sound into your garden will add a point of interest. Water features not only make a statement in a garden, but they are also a great way to add tranquillity and relaxation when unwinding after a busy day.  


Getting lighting right in a garden can create a magical ambiance when done correctly. Use lighting selectively and remember that darkness can also create a dramatic or romantic effect. For example, adding uplights on trees creates a focus and looks beautiful at night. Think about how the front of your house looks at night, perhaps adding lighting to the driveway to create a welcoming scene. 

For patio and terrace areas, consider draping fairy lights through trees, bushes or a pergola. Candle holders and weatherproof lanterns look stylish from the day through to the night and can be displayed on tables, hung in trees or placed on the edge of your patio area to add depth to smaller spaces. 

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